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Nanoparticles and beads:



Gold Nanoparticles and nanorods

Silica nanobeads and particles

Magnetic nanoparticles and beads

Polystyrene beads and particles

Other functional nanomaterials


Chemical Products:


Click Chemistry Reagents

Coupling Reagents
Fluorescent Dyes

Lipid PEG Derivatives

Multifunctional PEG derivatives



Homofunctional Crosslinkers
Heterobifunctional Crosslinkers
Biotinylation Reagents
Thiolation Reagents

Protein Products


Antibody labeling and conjugation
Protein labeling and modification
Enzyme labeling and conjugation

Other products and services


Water treatment systems and devices

Thin Film Sensors and Devices

Solar cells based on quantum dots

Nanofilm modification